Friday, December 17, 2010

Featured in Good Weekend Magazine 4th Dec!

Thanks to State of Green Blue Ginger Designs has been featured in the Good Weekend Magazine of the Sydney and Melbourne Morning Herald. December 4th 2010.

Go to the below link to download any newspaper article you want (with a price of course!)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Daylesford Twilight Market Saturday 18th Dec

Blue Ginger will be there!!! :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Daylesford Christmas Twlight Market 18th Dec

ppssttt.... have you heard about the next market at Daylesford on the 18th?!

Ill be there!!! WOOHOOO...

Its from 5pm till 10pm at night inside the Daylesford Town Hall. Ill be having a little bigger space this time as my product range has expanded.
So if you have missed out on buying from me as my online stores have closed you can still find me here on the 18th if you are interested in coming to have a look.

So come and see me as well as many other awesome designers / craftspeople.

Daylesford Twilight Christmas Market
Saturday18th Dec
5pm till 10pm
Inside Daylesford Town Hall

Whats coming in 2011

Bring it on people...
Ive been busy!

Blue Ginger will be attending more Buninyong Makers Markets in 2011
More Daylesford Makers Markets

New stockists around Australia - including Western Australia

A new look is coming.... new website image.... new packaging... a new employee...

and a little bit of a new range....
Embroidery has now hit Blue Ginger and you will be seeing bags and purses with hand drawn embroidery and hand printing on them...
New cushion range...

and a little bit of a side project....
but more on that later hehehehhehehehe

Christmas Closure 10/12/2010

gosh... where did the time go??!!!

Any orders placed after Friday this week will not be processed until February next year 2011.
I apologise for any inconvenience caused but I have been overloaded with Christmas orders this year that I will not be taking on any more.

Any one waiting on orders... dont stress!! It is coming!! This is just for anyone else that was interested in placing an order.

Im going on a nice long Christmas holiday break.... and am really looking forward to it!!
I think I need it :)

Happy Christmas and New Years to all and looking forward to seeing you all in the new year

Red Rascal - lovely kids T Shirts

Introducing Red Rascal who is one of my customers who orders fabric off me and produces these amazing looking kids T Shirts.
You can find them at With Christmas around the corner why not go by and have a look!!!
Love their work, they use a number of different eco friendly textile designers fabrics as well including some of pippi joes work. (One of my favs!)

Thanks ladies and best wishes for the new year!

And the winner is....

WOW!! Thank ou all so much for adding your posts!! I have really enjoyed reading them all.

I aplogise for the late response but as christmas is coming up so soon I have been really busy trying to get all my orders out....
They just keep piling in!

Anyways, I have decided that the lady called Katherine who did the first post on 1st Nov should win the purse. I think it would have been pretty amazing to see a real one in someones back yard...

Anywhos... get in contact with me by email or Ill try sending you an email tomorrow. Busy working on oven mitts today. Ive made 8 in the last week!!!

Keep following, I know im a little behind but what a crazy time of year huh?!
ps... if youve ordered something dont stress its on its way.... promise...


Monday, November 1, 2010

Giveaway for November and funding for WWF

Im up to 73 followers on my blog! woohoo... thats pretty cool! Im thinking though it would be fun to reach the 100 mark so thats only 27 people away.

To help me get there I thought Id do a November prize and giveaway one of my moose zip purses.

So, if you would like one of these for free all you have to do is be a follower of my blog, add a comment in this post mentioning WHY you would like my purse, and also give a keep mention of an animal you would have liked/wished to of seen.... an animal that is now extinct!

I will be donating $10 to The World Wildlife Fund at the end of this month to support with the protection of our endangered species, our biodiviersity in Australia and Sustainable Tourism. This is also my way of saying thankyou to my followers for participating in my giveaway. To find out more about WWF visit their website at

The animal I would have liked to of seen was a Dodo! You see so many pictures of them, but Ill never see one in my whole life.

Its scary to think that when my own children grow up and they are my age they might never see a real life Numbat that I have seen when I lived in Western Autralia. There are now only 1500 or less left in their whole population. So supporting a fund like WWF, I know that my own kids might one day get to see some of these endangered animals and they WONT become extinct like the many hundreds that already have, and that includes plants as well!

(Dont get me started to talk about our biodiversity of plant species in Australia! Ill be here all day.... we are one lucky country to have such a diverse and rare range of plant life throughout Australia. We are still discovering new plant species regularly! Imagine that.... discovering a new plant in your own back yard!... So it is important that we consider our fragile forests, they wont be around forever if we continue developing the way we are....)

Blue Ginger helps to support our fragile environment by using environmentally sustainable fabrics including hemps, linens and organic cottons!

Add your comments people! Lets get above 100 and help me to support a good cause! YAY!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ladies Vespa and Zebra Wallets

New Vespa and Zebra Ladies Wallets! They are made from 100% thick rough linen 450gsm on front. The inside has card pockets, cash insert, zips, small little coin press stud pockets and clear see through pockets for your photos / license.
The inside is also made from 100% linen, a lighter thread weave that has been thickened and also hardened to help with heavy usage.
Designed by me!
The thickness of the wallet is very solid and firm, not floppy like how you see some hand madie types out there. Its professional to the max, something you would see in a very classy designer shop.
Press studs keep it closed, a style which I love! Heavy duty to last a long time.
The wallet has then also been hand printed using a new design type which I am bringing into my range. I am finally hitting where I want to be. Moving on from the cat and mouse...
Handprinted logo through wallet so as I havent had to use my fabric labels, creating more of a personally print mark to my work.
I am thinking i will try and sell them for $75!
Find them at the Buninyong Makers Market tomorrow.
Still considering my pricings though, maybe some feedback will help?! A lot of work has gone into making these, many hours in fact... But you know what?! I think it has been worth even minute

Going to create a nice packaging method for them as well, still in the pipeline

Thank you!

Thank you posters! I do read my comments and I really appreciate the posts. I need to read into blogger a bit more and work out a simple way to do a quick reply to everyone?!
Some of my friends can do it, and I think im still a little behind in the blogging world.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blue Ginger Featured in Notebook Magazine

ooohh.... this is a pretty cool achievement for me! Blue Ginger has been featured in the newest Notebook magazine November Issue 2010. Find me on page 130, next to some of my favourite artists including Apple and Bee.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Buninyong Makers Market 23rd October

Not long now!!! Mark it on your calender. Ill be there again along with around 28 other stall holders... YAY!
Plan to get some new stuff on my table so returners dont get bored....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Fabric Panels. Bug and Moose

YAY!! Im so happy with how these have turned out. I should have them up in my shop in the next couple of days. Hopefully will also have a few at the next Buninyong Makers Market (that is only a few weeks away...exciting!)
Details as follows:
50 x 55cm print with 1-2cm extra allowance of fabric around print.
Printed on 100% white linen twill
185gsm light weight and great for getting crafty!
Use on Shirts, Clothes, Girls Guys, Bags, Wallets, Purses, Quilts, you name it!
RRP $25, and worth every penny. Fabric base is gorgeous
Design is owned and created by Blue Ginger Designs. All Hand printed (screen printed) hand cut and hand made by Blue Ginger. Original to its bones, you will not find these panels anywhere else but from me!!
....ohh..... but unless one of my stockists is supplying them too! :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

How to place an order with Blue Ginger

To those that dont usually use etsy or you may find it a little difficult to place an order for my products.

The easiest way if your not computer savvy is to just send me an email to with your enquiry or the products you are interested in.

To place an order through or you will need to create your own account. Very simple, go to the main page and look for SIGN UP and enter your details. Once you have signed up you can then go to my shop pages:
and browse through my products. Kind of like Ebay, click on the product you want and press BUY. You then have the option of either paying right then and there through paypal (youll need your own account to use this as well) or you can send me an email to and ask for direct debit details. Ill happily accept both methods.

I have had a few people try to post comments through my blog and also try to place orders but I havent received the comments (not too sure where they went??!) So if you dont hear back from me chances are I havent received anything. So to be 100% sure of me responding just send me a quick email.

Feel free to look through blog posts for product you like (go to blog post history etc) or browse through the madeit or etsy Blue Ginger Shop and see whats available. That will give you total costs as well but I can always confirm this for you through emails. Hope this answers a few questions!!

Have a great week!!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

FREE Coin purses...

Sale starts tomorrow 1st October. Be one of the first 5 online sale customers to receive a FREE mini coin purse valued $15. *total order must be from $25 or more, after discounts

Homewares - Cushions on Sale Friday!! 25% off

Finally got around to update my images!!! Find them in my shop tomorrow on sale 25% off.
Plus postage of $15

New Embroidery Linen Cover Buttons - On Sale Friday!

Embroidery buttons are sole for $8 for 6 minis and $6 for 3 large.
Tomorrow they will be on sale for 30% off!!! Check out my online store

New Bird Nest Brooches - ON SALE FRIDAY!!

Brooches sold normally for $12 each plus $1.50 postage.
Tomorrow they will be on sale for 30% off, for 4 days only!!!!
Dont forget to come check out my other products on sale.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blue Gingers having a Birthday SALE!

Happy Birthday to me.... happy birthday to me.... lal allalla la

Ok, so I dont ever do sales really. I find them a bit cheap and tacky and over rated. Cheap red and white signs and large fluro type faces. yuk! And yet people get so sucked in...

But... a birthday.. I think it calls for some celebrating!

Just want to say a big thankyou to all my fellow followers out there. My customer base, my suppliers, my friends, family! Its been a big year for me and I have really enjoyed starting up my small little hobby business.
Its now been OFFICIALLY 1 year since Blue Ginger was released into the world. 1 year this Friday!!! YAY!!

SO, SALE!!! DISCOUNTS!!! GIVEAWAYS!!! starting 1st October Friday and ending 4th October Monday. Write it in your diaries people.

Im going to update my shop this week to add a bit more stock. i do have a few new items to upload.

25% Entire Homewares Range including all cushions
30% Entire Giftware range including purses, brooches, bags etc

First 5 customers to order $25 or more receive a FREE mini zip coin purse valued at $15. *only entitled to purse if your total order is at $25 or more after discounts

Blue Ginger Designs Gift Vouchers available this Friday for $25 or $50. *Customers will be entitled to free purse when ordering a voucher. Vouchers are valid for 1 year from purchase date.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Daylesford Makers Market this Saturday 2nd Oct

Yep its market time again!

Find me here this Saturday. Would love to see you come along!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


i am tired, i have slept on 4 hours the last 2 nights..

im still winding down from my massive market buzz.

i have never spoektn to so many people in my life.....

i have never seen so many cars parked up and down the street in buninyong. I think there were more people around than the last gold king fest??!!!
I had people buying stuff off me from 9.30 am before i had even finished setting up..
Cakes cupcakes went in the first hour. Lucky i ate one quick! taste good
I have permenant smile lines etched into the side of my face becuase i couldnt stop smiling or talking the whole day.
i think i sat down for 1 minute on Saturday in a quiet spot...

Around 11am a coach arrived out of no where in front of the hall dropping off a whole bus load a craft consumers...
It was like the last Tim Burton exhibition in Melbourne i went to where it took me 15 minutes to waddle like a penguin back into my stall that was only located inside the front door.
Im only small.... but it definately was squishy
i hit the first $100 mark by 10.30am
I earnt more that day than one of my full days at the stitches and craft show in melbourne that was from 9am till 5pm!~! and this was only 4 hours.....
none stop...
they didnt stop talking...
we all had to do a shuffly walk...
i think most (or all) stall holders kept skipping over to me with the biggest grins on their faces...
the cafe next door was popping out into the street and the wait was 15-30minutes...
i spoke to the guy this morning and he was very excited and offered me a free cuppa (too RIght... so he should!)
i must admit there were a few things i was a bit upset about... but ill bring that up with the band of market helpers
The council was enquiring
Gold king festival wants to team up...
local businesses want to support more...
more crowds expected next month....
we hardly did any advertising really....????!!!! just a few clever marketing strategies definately pay off
2pm came and everyone was out the dor in 15 minutes
a few of us stayed behind and helped clean up, and i was finished and keys put back by 3pm.
went home...
family was there visiting and didnt stop talking until 5pm
family left...
then both mark and i didnt stop talking about the market until 8pm..
forgot to eat all day
realised i was hungry and ate some food...

then watched a movie to take my mind off it all cos i was on such a high!!

didnt sleep at all last night.... still totally amazed at the crowd...
i dont think anyone has anything to complain about

i still havent stopped talking about it and only just cleaned up my house this afternoon.

Tomorrow im off to see Jen at Cake to tell her the good news...

And hopefully going to have a sleep in and a quiet day tomorrow.
Wifey duty catch up and baking day

and im really excited to get on my sewing machine and invent something new....

thank you to all that came

and im sorry if i was a bit aloof... i had about 3 people talking in both ears all at the same time all day

very tired

good night


Thursday, September 9, 2010

2 days to go!

I dont have any photos up this week as I have been crazy busy making up my display. It looks beautiful! Im loving it, so make sure you come have a look at tell me what you think. I could proberly still improve but its a big step forward for me...

Anyways, cos I dont have any pics to show, here is a picture of my new heels i just bought from Anthropologie. yay!
I thought they just had to have a mention on my blog, dont you love them? I hope they arrive next week as Im heading to a wedding

Monday, September 6, 2010

Buninyong Makers Market - Find me here this Saturday

I am so far behind with uploading images! I have too many products!!!! argh!!

so here are a few pics of some of the new stuff you will see this Saturday.
Oh, and come check out my new linen fabrics.... they are to die for!! mmmm

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Buninyong Makers Market

This Blog is now up and running. Please feel free to follow it for updates on the Market. All other market info will now only be posted at the Market blog.

Follow this blog for further updates

Buninyong Makers Market - Stallholders Wanted

There will be a Makers Market held in Buninyong on:
11th September
23rd October
4th December (Christmas Market)

We are looking for stall holders that may be interested in taking part with this market. This market will not clash with the Daylesford Markers Market. Stallholders will need to keep a high standard of presentation at their stall so as to support this market to look ' designer' and price accordingly.

We already have a number of local supporters for this market who will be attending but we still need to find some more.

If you are interested in applying or would like more information regarding this please email me at

Location: Buninyong Town Hall
Price: Discounted rate at the moment of $20 per table plus $8 public liability insurance. Includes table.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Linen Screenprint and Embroidery purses

Here are a few pics of a new purse I have made recently. It has been screenprinted by hand. Embroidered and then carefully sewn together to make a beautiful usable art piece.
Made from 100% Eco natural linen and lined with 100% organic cotton.
Sold for $30 includes postage.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Napkins are here

Slowly... the kitchen range is moving
These napkins are made from a lovely linen twill. Made from %100 linen, no blends... it is the real thing. Beautiful texture and feel to the fabric will make any tableware look glam.
Great gift for christmas coming up to use at your Christmas dinner.
Each have been hand cut and then sewn together. With delicate care red embriodery thread has then been sewn bordering each napkin beautifully.
I am now selling napkins in sets of 2. You can buy them individually as well for $13 each or a set of 2 is $25.
If you would like to order you can email me at