Monday, October 4, 2010

How to place an order with Blue Ginger

To those that dont usually use etsy or you may find it a little difficult to place an order for my products.

The easiest way if your not computer savvy is to just send me an email to with your enquiry or the products you are interested in.

To place an order through or you will need to create your own account. Very simple, go to the main page and look for SIGN UP and enter your details. Once you have signed up you can then go to my shop pages:
and browse through my products. Kind of like Ebay, click on the product you want and press BUY. You then have the option of either paying right then and there through paypal (youll need your own account to use this as well) or you can send me an email to and ask for direct debit details. Ill happily accept both methods.

I have had a few people try to post comments through my blog and also try to place orders but I havent received the comments (not too sure where they went??!) So if you dont hear back from me chances are I havent received anything. So to be 100% sure of me responding just send me a quick email.

Feel free to look through blog posts for product you like (go to blog post history etc) or browse through the madeit or etsy Blue Ginger Shop and see whats available. That will give you total costs as well but I can always confirm this for you through emails. Hope this answers a few questions!!

Have a great week!!


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