Friday, December 17, 2010

Featured in Good Weekend Magazine 4th Dec!

Thanks to State of Green Blue Ginger Designs has been featured in the Good Weekend Magazine of the Sydney and Melbourne Morning Herald. December 4th 2010.

Go to the below link to download any newspaper article you want (with a price of course!)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Daylesford Twilight Market Saturday 18th Dec

Blue Ginger will be there!!! :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Daylesford Christmas Twlight Market 18th Dec

ppssttt.... have you heard about the next market at Daylesford on the 18th?!

Ill be there!!! WOOHOOO...

Its from 5pm till 10pm at night inside the Daylesford Town Hall. Ill be having a little bigger space this time as my product range has expanded.
So if you have missed out on buying from me as my online stores have closed you can still find me here on the 18th if you are interested in coming to have a look.

So come and see me as well as many other awesome designers / craftspeople.

Daylesford Twilight Christmas Market
Saturday18th Dec
5pm till 10pm
Inside Daylesford Town Hall

Whats coming in 2011

Bring it on people...
Ive been busy!

Blue Ginger will be attending more Buninyong Makers Markets in 2011
More Daylesford Makers Markets

New stockists around Australia - including Western Australia

A new look is coming.... new website image.... new packaging... a new employee...

and a little bit of a new range....
Embroidery has now hit Blue Ginger and you will be seeing bags and purses with hand drawn embroidery and hand printing on them...
New cushion range...

and a little bit of a side project....
but more on that later hehehehhehehehe

Christmas Closure 10/12/2010

gosh... where did the time go??!!!

Any orders placed after Friday this week will not be processed until February next year 2011.
I apologise for any inconvenience caused but I have been overloaded with Christmas orders this year that I will not be taking on any more.

Any one waiting on orders... dont stress!! It is coming!! This is just for anyone else that was interested in placing an order.

Im going on a nice long Christmas holiday break.... and am really looking forward to it!!
I think I need it :)

Happy Christmas and New Years to all and looking forward to seeing you all in the new year

Red Rascal - lovely kids T Shirts

Introducing Red Rascal who is one of my customers who orders fabric off me and produces these amazing looking kids T Shirts.
You can find them at With Christmas around the corner why not go by and have a look!!!
Love their work, they use a number of different eco friendly textile designers fabrics as well including some of pippi joes work. (One of my favs!)

Thanks ladies and best wishes for the new year!

And the winner is....

WOW!! Thank ou all so much for adding your posts!! I have really enjoyed reading them all.

I aplogise for the late response but as christmas is coming up so soon I have been really busy trying to get all my orders out....
They just keep piling in!

Anyways, I have decided that the lady called Katherine who did the first post on 1st Nov should win the purse. I think it would have been pretty amazing to see a real one in someones back yard...

Anywhos... get in contact with me by email or Ill try sending you an email tomorrow. Busy working on oven mitts today. Ive made 8 in the last week!!!

Keep following, I know im a little behind but what a crazy time of year huh?!
ps... if youve ordered something dont stress its on its way.... promise...