Friday, October 22, 2010

Ladies Vespa and Zebra Wallets

New Vespa and Zebra Ladies Wallets! They are made from 100% thick rough linen 450gsm on front. The inside has card pockets, cash insert, zips, small little coin press stud pockets and clear see through pockets for your photos / license.
The inside is also made from 100% linen, a lighter thread weave that has been thickened and also hardened to help with heavy usage.
Designed by me!
The thickness of the wallet is very solid and firm, not floppy like how you see some hand madie types out there. Its professional to the max, something you would see in a very classy designer shop.
Press studs keep it closed, a style which I love! Heavy duty to last a long time.
The wallet has then also been hand printed using a new design type which I am bringing into my range. I am finally hitting where I want to be. Moving on from the cat and mouse...
Handprinted logo through wallet so as I havent had to use my fabric labels, creating more of a personally print mark to my work.
I am thinking i will try and sell them for $75!
Find them at the Buninyong Makers Market tomorrow.
Still considering my pricings though, maybe some feedback will help?! A lot of work has gone into making these, many hours in fact... But you know what?! I think it has been worth even minute

Going to create a nice packaging method for them as well, still in the pipeline


  1. Ooh, I was looking for a proper sturdy handmade wallet a month ago but gave up and bought something by Fossil. Your wallets have everything I would want - it's very rare to find a handmade wallet that's more than a coin purse.

    I think $75 is right for the amount of work put into them. Have you tried selling at Craft Victoria's Craft Hatch market before? Shoppers there would pay $75. I know it can be hard to sell more expensive items at markets in the suburbs and country.

  2. They look great ! Hope you have a fantastic market day Kylie.

  3. I love these - Vespa fan here. I may have to buy one....

  4. Oh my gosh, how adorable!! I've been rockin' my zebra flat wallet for a while now, but I might have to switch to your more unique take on the zebra trend ;)

    Very cool stuff ya got there <3