Monday, November 1, 2010

Giveaway for November and funding for WWF

Im up to 73 followers on my blog! woohoo... thats pretty cool! Im thinking though it would be fun to reach the 100 mark so thats only 27 people away.

To help me get there I thought Id do a November prize and giveaway one of my moose zip purses.

So, if you would like one of these for free all you have to do is be a follower of my blog, add a comment in this post mentioning WHY you would like my purse, and also give a keep mention of an animal you would have liked/wished to of seen.... an animal that is now extinct!

I will be donating $10 to The World Wildlife Fund at the end of this month to support with the protection of our endangered species, our biodiviersity in Australia and Sustainable Tourism. This is also my way of saying thankyou to my followers for participating in my giveaway. To find out more about WWF visit their website at

The animal I would have liked to of seen was a Dodo! You see so many pictures of them, but Ill never see one in my whole life.

Its scary to think that when my own children grow up and they are my age they might never see a real life Numbat that I have seen when I lived in Western Autralia. There are now only 1500 or less left in their whole population. So supporting a fund like WWF, I know that my own kids might one day get to see some of these endangered animals and they WONT become extinct like the many hundreds that already have, and that includes plants as well!

(Dont get me started to talk about our biodiversity of plant species in Australia! Ill be here all day.... we are one lucky country to have such a diverse and rare range of plant life throughout Australia. We are still discovering new plant species regularly! Imagine that.... discovering a new plant in your own back yard!... So it is important that we consider our fragile forests, they wont be around forever if we continue developing the way we are....)

Blue Ginger helps to support our fragile environment by using environmentally sustainable fabrics including hemps, linens and organic cottons!

Add your comments people! Lets get above 100 and help me to support a good cause! YAY!