Thursday, September 30, 2010

FREE Coin purses...

Sale starts tomorrow 1st October. Be one of the first 5 online sale customers to receive a FREE mini coin purse valued $15. *total order must be from $25 or more, after discounts

Homewares - Cushions on Sale Friday!! 25% off

Finally got around to update my images!!! Find them in my shop tomorrow on sale 25% off.
Plus postage of $15

New Embroidery Linen Cover Buttons - On Sale Friday!

Embroidery buttons are sole for $8 for 6 minis and $6 for 3 large.
Tomorrow they will be on sale for 30% off!!! Check out my online store

New Bird Nest Brooches - ON SALE FRIDAY!!

Brooches sold normally for $12 each plus $1.50 postage.
Tomorrow they will be on sale for 30% off, for 4 days only!!!!
Dont forget to come check out my other products on sale.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blue Gingers having a Birthday SALE!

Happy Birthday to me.... happy birthday to me.... lal allalla la

Ok, so I dont ever do sales really. I find them a bit cheap and tacky and over rated. Cheap red and white signs and large fluro type faces. yuk! And yet people get so sucked in...

But... a birthday.. I think it calls for some celebrating!

Just want to say a big thankyou to all my fellow followers out there. My customer base, my suppliers, my friends, family! Its been a big year for me and I have really enjoyed starting up my small little hobby business.
Its now been OFFICIALLY 1 year since Blue Ginger was released into the world. 1 year this Friday!!! YAY!!

SO, SALE!!! DISCOUNTS!!! GIVEAWAYS!!! starting 1st October Friday and ending 4th October Monday. Write it in your diaries people.

Im going to update my shop this week to add a bit more stock. i do have a few new items to upload.

25% Entire Homewares Range including all cushions
30% Entire Giftware range including purses, brooches, bags etc

First 5 customers to order $25 or more receive a FREE mini zip coin purse valued at $15. *only entitled to purse if your total order is at $25 or more after discounts

Blue Ginger Designs Gift Vouchers available this Friday for $25 or $50. *Customers will be entitled to free purse when ordering a voucher. Vouchers are valid for 1 year from purchase date.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Daylesford Makers Market this Saturday 2nd Oct

Yep its market time again!

Find me here this Saturday. Would love to see you come along!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


i am tired, i have slept on 4 hours the last 2 nights..

im still winding down from my massive market buzz.

i have never spoektn to so many people in my life.....

i have never seen so many cars parked up and down the street in buninyong. I think there were more people around than the last gold king fest??!!!
I had people buying stuff off me from 9.30 am before i had even finished setting up..
Cakes cupcakes went in the first hour. Lucky i ate one quick! taste good
I have permenant smile lines etched into the side of my face becuase i couldnt stop smiling or talking the whole day.
i think i sat down for 1 minute on Saturday in a quiet spot...

Around 11am a coach arrived out of no where in front of the hall dropping off a whole bus load a craft consumers...
It was like the last Tim Burton exhibition in Melbourne i went to where it took me 15 minutes to waddle like a penguin back into my stall that was only located inside the front door.
Im only small.... but it definately was squishy
i hit the first $100 mark by 10.30am
I earnt more that day than one of my full days at the stitches and craft show in melbourne that was from 9am till 5pm!~! and this was only 4 hours.....
none stop...
they didnt stop talking...
we all had to do a shuffly walk...
i think most (or all) stall holders kept skipping over to me with the biggest grins on their faces...
the cafe next door was popping out into the street and the wait was 15-30minutes...
i spoke to the guy this morning and he was very excited and offered me a free cuppa (too RIght... so he should!)
i must admit there were a few things i was a bit upset about... but ill bring that up with the band of market helpers
The council was enquiring
Gold king festival wants to team up...
local businesses want to support more...
more crowds expected next month....
we hardly did any advertising really....????!!!! just a few clever marketing strategies definately pay off
2pm came and everyone was out the dor in 15 minutes
a few of us stayed behind and helped clean up, and i was finished and keys put back by 3pm.
went home...
family was there visiting and didnt stop talking until 5pm
family left...
then both mark and i didnt stop talking about the market until 8pm..
forgot to eat all day
realised i was hungry and ate some food...

then watched a movie to take my mind off it all cos i was on such a high!!

didnt sleep at all last night.... still totally amazed at the crowd...
i dont think anyone has anything to complain about

i still havent stopped talking about it and only just cleaned up my house this afternoon.

Tomorrow im off to see Jen at Cake to tell her the good news...

And hopefully going to have a sleep in and a quiet day tomorrow.
Wifey duty catch up and baking day

and im really excited to get on my sewing machine and invent something new....

thank you to all that came

and im sorry if i was a bit aloof... i had about 3 people talking in both ears all at the same time all day

very tired

good night


Thursday, September 9, 2010

2 days to go!

I dont have any photos up this week as I have been crazy busy making up my display. It looks beautiful! Im loving it, so make sure you come have a look at tell me what you think. I could proberly still improve but its a big step forward for me...

Anyways, cos I dont have any pics to show, here is a picture of my new heels i just bought from Anthropologie. yay!
I thought they just had to have a mention on my blog, dont you love them? I hope they arrive next week as Im heading to a wedding

Monday, September 6, 2010

Buninyong Makers Market - Find me here this Saturday

I am so far behind with uploading images! I have too many products!!!! argh!!

so here are a few pics of some of the new stuff you will see this Saturday.
Oh, and come check out my new linen fabrics.... they are to die for!! mmmm