Friday, October 21, 2011

Christmas is coming... Blue Ginger is growing...

So ive been on a bit of a break.
And ive needed it.
Crazy busy with work, as I am a partner in a landscaping business. Been learning how to build websites and its been fun

Theres a new Blue Ginger look coming and a new blog and website. This blog will be cancelled once I have my own on my website. Wont be until 2012.

New products and colours are coming...
Im not going to post images as I will be launching it all at the Buninyong Makers Market in December 2011 on 10th December Saturday.
So come along if you are interested and want to have a peek at my work...

I havent been 100% happy with everything ive made before, but in saying that. i have reached the best I can be now with the new range i have developed. I have been very inspired...
Learnt new tricks...
My taste and style has really progressed and if youve liked my stuff before. You wont be able to resist this...
Its an art piece! And Im very proud of it..

Well stay tuned..
Will update around christmas time.
My online shop will stay closed for now as I am swamped with orders. I am only currently wholesaling.
My new products will only be available at the market this year ready for christmas. Beginning of 2012 I will be adding things through my new website shop.

Take care

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Leather Wallet Range 2011

Check out my facebook page to see the full wallet album.

These wallet are a part of Blue Gingers new leather embroidery range. They are made from soft sheep leather and embroidered on the front.

Hand printed red linen is a feature on the back and inside the wallet.

The lining is made from 100% linen

They come in a variety of different colours so check out my shop for your favourite picture.

They sell at $140 RRP.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flower Brooches - Leather

A few more images of the new flower brooch leather range. Again Ill have these up in my shop soon with some better shop front pics.

So each comes seperately and I am selling in my shop in grey, red or blue leathers with a contrasting embroidery colour on top that blends with the blue ginger theme.

Many uses, use on your hats, scarfs, jumpers... They look great on any attire!

New pictures of new range

So far I have managed to save a few pictures from the photo shoot the other day. I will be re shooting though to make sure Im putting high quality res in my shop. These items will be in my shop over the next week or so.

Im taking it nice and easy...

I hope you like them.

They come as a set of 3 in straight grey or as a multi coloured pack. They are made from leather scraps that I have left over from making my purses and wallets.

So they are made from a soft sheeps leather and there are 3 different bird drawings on each that I have drawn myself and then embroidered onto the front of the brooch.

All 3 could be used together or let your imagination take you to using them on scarfs, hats, shoes and bags!

Buninyong Makers Market 26th March

Just a couple of pictures from the day. I had a different looking sall on the weekend to launch my new leather range.

Pictures of the range are coming...

I did do a photo shoot the other week but apparently the ISO was too high/low or something and the pixels on the photos look bad so Im going to back to re shoot. Bit annoying but any who...

Was a lovely day and great to meet some new faces!

And thats one good looking man I was sitting next too on the day...(who happens to be my husband) lol

Monday, March 21, 2011

Leather brooches pre look

So I just thought Id do a little blog on how I am making my leather embroidery brooches...
So firstly I start with an idea.... maybe some sketches or a drawing. A photo that I took of something. Here is an image I liked from a bunch of flowers my husband bought for me a little while back. I had the idea of somewhow turning the petals into an embroidery piece on either a wallet or brooch... something a little more feminine. I liked how the petals moved around from the centre of the flower, I thought it would be an interesting design.

Moving on..
Here we have the first photo now being edited in my design creative programs to then be transferred onto the embroidery software.

No in the embroidery software and here I can change and edit the sitches and the direction of stitching, the type of stitching. lengths, needle points etc etc..

A leather trial with the flower print. Testing to make sure the stitches are adequate and not messy.

Another trial on a different basecloth

And the final product on leather.... (half made...)
So there you go.
When embroidering there is more to it then what you think. It does take a while. The software I use is very indepth and its like relearning the whole of Adobe creative suite all over again!!!!!
So NO my work is not just 'clipart' that I select off my machine and press go....I know MANY embroidery machines come with 'pre made clipart' (mine does too!) and you can also BUY 'pre made clipart' to use on your own work.... It comes on CD/DVD with a number of different designs others have made for you to use!!!!
TAA DDAA instant embroidery...
BUT if your like me and you want to design it all yourself there is more to it then that.

So now you know where this 'pre made clip art' comes from

Friday, March 18, 2011

Leather wallets pre look

Ok so ive been a little quiet....

slap on the hand...

But i had good reason? promise? I mean check out these little babies im bringing out...? Worth the wait huh?

Im going to do some model shots of them and take some better classy pics for my shop so will do this next week. I also have a wider leather embroidery range coming ... its on its way.

I havent wanted to show anything for a while as I have had nothing to show and Im fussy! I dont like taking photos if they are bad ones and the product looks dumb but now I 'likey'.

By the way... does anyone know how to attach my blog posts to my fb busines page?

So this is the final product. Hand printed on linen with machine embroidery womens leather wallets.

This is me finishing them off...

Sewing them together.... (sorry the pics are out of order)

Doing the machine embroidery which I designed by hand myself...(clever huh?)

Cutting out the pieces...