Monday, December 21, 2009

Whats coming in 2010!

Heres just another small pic of my latest mini purses.
- Next year will bring about lots more stockists for Blue Ginger Designs.
- Lots more products and fabric designs on their way. My homewares for kitchen and laundry will be shown and I have a few more craft panel ideas up my sleeve.
- Udessi will be stocking a few of Blue Ginger Designs products
- Markets in Feb / March / April and May
- Find Blue Ginger at the Makers Market in Daylesford
- In May the Institches and Craft show will be happening in Melbourne and you can come see Blue Ginger for the first time at the show
- Mixtape Issue 12 comes out in Jan/Feb - Buy a mag and support a small business plus check out other craft businesses and Blue Gingers advert

Im off for the year so hope you all have a great holiday break and see you in the new year!

Friday, December 18, 2009

A couple more catelogue pictures

Heres a another picture of some box cushions and dandelion cushions that will be available next year. Made from 100% linen and 100% hemp, invizible zip down the side and blue ginger designs fabric labels and swing tags.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Floor and Scatter cushion designs on there way!

I have a few cushions I have been making over the last few weeks using my fabric designs. What do people think?

I am currently writing up my own catelogue which I will have ready by end of next week so here are a couple of photos that will be in it.

I love to decorate my home so designing a range of floor and scatter cushions is a real passion of mine. Along with all the hundreds of other home decor possibilities.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Stockist - Little Shop Of

This is such a sweet little shop that has the most cutest little goodies packed everywhere. Everything is stocked at under $50 so perfect for shopping for gifts or just something small for your self. Little Shop Of also has its own brand and sells a number of things from the shop and they have an online store at

Well worth the drive out there and now you will find my own designer products sitting on her shelves.

Thanks for stocking me!!! x x x

Friday, December 11, 2009

Heading to Melbourne

Im off to check out Craft Hatch in Melbourne tomorrow. Mixtape have a few of my craft panels in their stall tomorrow, check out their blog and shop, you can view some of their products online.

Also heading out to see Bec at The Little Shop of, and Incu8r.

Youll love the little shop Lark in Daylesford, it was so worth the visit last Monday. Such a cute shop front...

Have a great weekend!

New Release - The Little Coin Purse

Another great gift idea for Christmas and Birthdays. I have a range of different designs coming out, they are all different and unique. One of a kind!

Really cute for all that loose change.

Yes I have been pretty busy sewing lately, but I love it. Im just in the process of making up my own range of swing tags, care and product labels. I cant beleive its only a week and a half till its holidays!! Argh! So little time left

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fabric covered fridge magnets

Need a place to hang your latest cake recipe? Somewhere to pin up that weekly to do list? Or maybe a little sweet letter to your husband/wife?

My new fabric covered fridge magnet range is coming soon. They will be packaged individually with their own cello wrapping and card board label backing.

They will be sold seperately at selected stockists.

Also, check out the range of magnet wall paint now available through Dulux in a selected colour range. Such a trendy idea for a kitchen - paint a banner of magnetic paint and stick up some of these awesome fabric covered buttons with all your latest recipes!

Polyester vs Feather Foam Inserts

Just some small info regarding cushion inserts and the best alternative that I think you should choose:

Polyester is a plastic fibre mix which is a cheaper alternative to the feather or down mixture for cushion inserts. I will offer a polyester cushion insert for my cushion range but I dont recommend it as the best option.

You can not wash a polyester cushion insert as it will go lumpy and you wont ever get it back into that plump state. After time the polyester cushion also becomes quite flat and lifeless and wont show off the design as well as what it did when you first bought it. They are a lot lighter and softer, and you sort of dont feel as if they are there when you lean on them.

The feather and foam mix which is a more expensive option is better because of its quality. You will have this insert a longer lifetime then the polyester option. It is firmer and plump and can be moulded easiely back into shape. It can also be washed and the shape wont change, and it wont become flatter with age. The cushion will always look like a new feature wherever it is placed.

So when choosing a cushion insert think first about the quality and how long you will be wanting this cushion displayed in your home.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Its Arrived! My new cushion range

Check out my new dandelion cushion range. More colour types will be added soon and you will see my cushions in a few stockists in the near future.

They are made with 100% linen which is a renewable resource and friendly to the environment. It has been hand screen printed using environmentally friendly inks and hand sewn in my own studio.

This cushion will be available in either polyester stuffing or a feather and foam mix.

I was loving making them and they have come up really good, Im thinking I will also print in black, red and grey tones.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Little Mary Moo - At Bris Style Market 5/12/09

Photos by Little Mary Moo 2009
Little Mary Moo has just made these really cute little purses with the blue Cat and Mouse Craft Panel in 100% pure european Eco-natural Linen.

She will be at the Brisstyle Market happening on the 5/12/09 with all her clever little crafted goodies. Love them, they are so cute!

Check out some of her pics on her blog at

Friday, November 27, 2009

Inspirations - Handmade in Melbourne

Just bought myself this really good book could Handmade in Melbourne and it features over 200 different Melbourne based artisans. Great Read! really good for those that dont know their way around Melbourne very well (like myself) and gives a bit of insight into the handmade world...

Lots of my old favourites listed like Pippijoe, Ink and Spindle, Nadia Turner, Fi Lech and Anna Mason.
And heaps, heaps more goodies and lots of referencing.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Little Frog

Mark just took this really cool photo of this cute little frog on our back window. We found two of them, they must of jumped out for the rain.
Such an awesome design. I love the feet! Kind of like a geckos.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Packing up orders

I love stationary!!!

How fun is stationary? the cutting, the staples, the hole punching, folding, packing, printing, type, colour, designs and displaying nice....

yer..... this was fun!

I reckon these little packs would go well as small gifts for the Christmas period.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dandelion prettys

Ok, so here is an idea I have of my next design. Its of a Dandelion! hehe..

What do people think? Would love to hear some feedback!

Im thinking of doing a cushion kit or even just selling some cushions with the large print on it. And maybe some craft panels..

Doesnt it look great in white!!!!? Well, i think so anyway

Just bought myself a new laptop as mine died, so Im having fun playing with all my new software programs!! YAY!

oh, and heres a picture of it as a wall canvas!!! oh so many possibilities. mmmmmm....looks so good

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cat and Mouse Panel in Red

Here is another picture of my craft panel in red! mmmmmm.....

AUD $23.00 plus postage $3.00

Motif size: Largest cat 5cm x 5cm
Panel print size: 49cm x 55cm plus 1inch plain fabric around edge of print
Basecloth: 100% Eco-natural Linen. Oatmeal colour
Colour: Red and Grey

If you are interested in purchasing please send me an email at or visit my online etsy shop

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cat and Mouse Craft Panel

Introducing my cat and mouse craft panel.

AUD $23.00 plus postage

Motif size: Largest cat 5cm x 5cm
Panel print size: 49cm x 55cm plus 1inch plain fabric around edge of print

Basecloth: 100% Eco-natural Linen. Oatmeal colour
Colour: Blue and Grey

If you are interested in purchasing please send me an email at or visit my online shop.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Linen now available

I am now stocking 100% Linen fabrics with my designs in two different colour tones. You can purchase the linen range through the Blue Ginger Designs shop at

Natural Oatmeal and Mocha are currently available. Small samples of this fabric are available on request.

(Natural Oatmeal - 100% Linen)

(Mocha - 100% Linen)

Box Thorn Cushion

Here are a couple of pictures of my box thorn design in 100% hemp. This design looks great as a small or large cushion, placemats, table runner or other small home decor accessories.
You can purchase this fabric at

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Website Front Page

Just thought I would let people know that my contact details etc. are now on the front page of my website. I finally have something up but it is still a work in progress....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New fabric showcase

Check it out. Just a couple of pictures I have just taken of my new Box Thorn design currently in Solid Black.

I have also included a couple of cute pictures of a cat and mouse panel I am creating that will be on sale later in the month. This will be printed on 100% linen in a oatmeal colour. Very taseful.


Friday, October 16, 2009

On its way....

I just did a test print of my new design of Box Thorn in Solid Black. Wow, it looks soo soo good. Will get some photos up by next week.

Sorry I havent posted in a while but have been busy setting up my business.
My list of many tasks:
Logo - done
Box thorn design - done
Website - done (just need to add html stuff)
Business cards - done

Anywhos, better be off. I will actually look like a business now (well by next week anyway.... :) )

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ideas Ideas Ideas

So I have passed my business course! YAY! Which means my preparations are now going to go into overdrive and a new fabric design is currently under way.

Its a design of a box thorn from Inverleigh, Victoria, a place where Mark spent many of his childhood years.

Ideas for my website are underway. Mark and I are designing it ourselves and I will be keeping it very minimal and clean looking. I have been taking lots of photos of little bits and pieces that I want shown throughout my website. Dont want to say much more.... might spoil the surprise. ;)

I have recently been inspired by Susan Cianciolo, her ideas are awesome and I love the way she has laid out her website. Check it out on She is a fashion designer and loves promoting the idea of handmade.

This is a picture from her main page. I am in love with lines, scribble, rough edges, something that shows back to the basics and raw materials.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Autumn Cherry Prints

Check out my new Autumn Cherry print that I have designed recently. I have been inspired by my cherry tree in our garden and how beautiful the size of the leaves are and how they change to a beautiful red colour in Autumn. The colours the print is available in are Solid Black and Cherry Red.

Here are a couple of pictures I have taken and you can find my listings on etsy at

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Practising Colour Schemes

Today has been a pretty eventful day with its ups and downs. Learnt a few new secret trade tricks and jumped into a few flops. Never mind.

The good thing is though, I printed my first run on my 100% hemp basecloth and it looks even better then what I first expected. Bonus. Will have to stick up a few new images to show them off.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bracelet Creations

Just spent my last hour making myself a little something. I have had these coral beads for years and thought they might come in handy, so I finally set some time aside to make a bracelet for my new outfit I will be wearing to a wedding on Saturday.

Yay, I love weddings!


Just bought myself the new Mixtape mag Issue 10! Great inspiration! Been reading it inside and out. So many cool contacts and things to buy....

I will have to get on top of adding my favourites as contacts to help me build up my network base. I love the artwork Living Creatively used on their ad. I am so inspired by deciduous tree forms.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Test Printing of Autumn Cherry

Just a quick look at my Autumn Cherry design. Hopefully I should have this launched by mid September. I want to show a few of my designs, a bit of variety before I start selling.

Im really excited, I think it looks really good. Here is me practising printing on a bed sheet.

Day in the Studio

So I have my first design ready for printing now. It is a design of my cherry tree in our vegetable garden and I have named this design Autumn Cherry. I cant wait to see what it looks like on my fabric. Ill plan to get an image posted by the end of today. I have been flat out with researching to start up my business and hopefully I should have my own website launched by end of September.

Been working on a little logo for my name and I am planning on sending some of my ideas off to one of Marks friends Alisha Ball, who is an artist and illustrator. Cant wait to see what she comes up with.

Also we have a couple of new designs nearly finished so I am looking forward to getting them both set up and printed.