Monday, April 26, 2010

New Bag Range - Flamingos, Moose, Elephant and Garlic Flowers

Ive been a bit slow updating over the last week or so but this is the reason why. I dont think i am going to reach what I wanted to get done before the show but I am still VERY HAPPY with my products so far...

Hope you like them...
They will be available at the Stitches and Craft Show this year. And I plan to approach retailers after all the chaos of show biz has calmed down.

I think my fav is the Moose :)

Colourways available are:
Flamingo: Hot Pink
Moose: Black
Elephant: Dark blue
Garlic flowers: Bright Orange
Made from 100% Linen and lined with organic cotton.
Ill have them in my shop asap with pricings etc. comments would be great seems this is a new range. Im hoping it will add to the cat and mouse which has been standing on its own for a little while now.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hot Water Bottle Covers - Dorky Owl

Bring in the dorkness!

I need to stock up on a few different products for the craft show coming up so I have prepared a simple hot water bottle cover pattern that Im going to sell. There will be a few colourways to choose from and possibly another design (if i get the time).

I made one for myself for this winter and its soooo comfty! I hate the feel of a plastic hard rubber hot water bottle but the extra padding of a woolen jumper has now made it my best friend.


Pick one up for $13 at the Show. Find me at stand number I2

Chic Brooch

Here is a newbie I have been playing with this week. I will be showing them off at the Stitches and Craft Show in under 2 weeks.

They are of a little chick bird so i have called them a 'chic' brooch.

Pick one up for $10 and includes postage. Email me for details
I havent listed them on my shop yet but they will be there after the show.

Lots happening, Ill forward on a few more pics later.
Pencil cases and oven mits coming up! :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Chaos in the Studio

such a mess. Thought id better update even though i dont really have the best pics to show.
This is my work space at the moment....

Oh what fun! :)

hrm, not sure what happened??!! Somehow it got to that state after one work day last friday.
I really need to organise myself better. Need to do another Ikea trip.

Im working on small flop stencils today to add to my designs at the show, should be fun to play with.

Im thinking olives and garlic flowers to add to the kitchen range.
And a couple of kitch minimal designs for the giftware.
Also making a few oven mits and other crafty kits.

Better hop too it! 2 WEEKS LEFT.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Craft Hatch Market Tomorrow!

Thanks for all the comments!!!! I love it when people write to me. :)

Find me at Craft Hatch Market tomorrow 11am City Library. Little flinders lane.

ok, so yes i have been a little slack keeping weekly posts for the last 2 weeks or so. Been pretty flat out with orders which i am now stopping. i am trying to build up a stock level for the craft market tomorrow but also for The Stitches and Craft Show in Melbourne which is only a few weeks off....

Very nervous, first timer. and stressed!

Just had an awesome easter break to Gold Coast, Qld and spent a few stress relief days at dreamworld and went on all 6 thrill rides! Giant drop was definately an achievement for me. I have never screamed so loud.....

Now back into it.
New stuff coming to the show. Will show off a few pics at a later date. This blog may not be updated weekly over the next couple of weeks as Ill be sewing galore. But will check back when i can.

Friday night and I want to knock off and put my feet up on my couch with my little cat and lovely husband. Will be off to melbourne craft hatch at 8.30am tomorrow if you want to come say hi.

Good night xx