Thursday, September 9, 2010

2 days to go!

I dont have any photos up this week as I have been crazy busy making up my display. It looks beautiful! Im loving it, so make sure you come have a look at tell me what you think. I could proberly still improve but its a big step forward for me...

Anyways, cos I dont have any pics to show, here is a picture of my new heels i just bought from Anthropologie. yay!
I thought they just had to have a mention on my blog, dont you love them? I hope they arrive next week as Im heading to a wedding


  1. i hope the market went well for you all. hope you dont mind-i have put a pic of your ties on my blog - i love them!!! oh and the shoes! xojade

  2. its was unreal jade! will do a post up soon...
    no worries take what photos you like
    will check it out too
    from k