Friday, March 18, 2011

Leather wallets pre look

Ok so ive been a little quiet....

slap on the hand...

But i had good reason? promise? I mean check out these little babies im bringing out...? Worth the wait huh?

Im going to do some model shots of them and take some better classy pics for my shop so will do this next week. I also have a wider leather embroidery range coming ... its on its way.

I havent wanted to show anything for a while as I have had nothing to show and Im fussy! I dont like taking photos if they are bad ones and the product looks dumb but now I 'likey'.

By the way... does anyone know how to attach my blog posts to my fb busines page?

So this is the final product. Hand printed on linen with machine embroidery womens leather wallets.

This is me finishing them off...

Sewing them together.... (sorry the pics are out of order)

Doing the machine embroidery which I designed by hand myself...(clever huh?)

Cutting out the pieces...


  1. Looks like you worked out how to post it to Facebook!!!

  2. YER... i think i have?! Still not sure what im doing but thanks for the thumbs up :)

  3. Hi Kylie. Wallets look great! I have a suggestion--take it or leave it, I don't mean to sound bossy...What about top stitching the very edges of the wallet closure flap? The part with your logo on it? It looks like the snap may be pulling the underside fabric a bit? You could even make it decorative by adding 2 or 3 lines of stitches or something even totally different. Looks like you have a nice machine that does fancy stuff! Hope that helps.

  4. Great work! You know what though, I had been looking for a decent wallet for a few months and only just got one last week. I would have definitely bought one of these!!

  5. THanks Katherine! I appreciate the tip! :)
    I had considered it too but then I decided against it as this would mean I would have to top stitch the rest of the wallet to compliment the other top stitching. Ill get some better photos up later but I was going for a more 'informal' wallet where the lining moves around a bit inside...
    Its difficult to top stitch too... especially if its bulky (i havent mastered this yet)

  6. Yeah, I was thinking about that too--topstitching the whole wallet and how that might not work. Anyhow, hope you don't think I'm bossy or anything! I enjoy seeing what cool things your machine does and how you get your ideas for your embroidery. That's in the 'someday' category for me. Just straight stitches and zig-zags here!