Monday, March 21, 2011

Leather brooches pre look

So I just thought Id do a little blog on how I am making my leather embroidery brooches...
So firstly I start with an idea.... maybe some sketches or a drawing. A photo that I took of something. Here is an image I liked from a bunch of flowers my husband bought for me a little while back. I had the idea of somewhow turning the petals into an embroidery piece on either a wallet or brooch... something a little more feminine. I liked how the petals moved around from the centre of the flower, I thought it would be an interesting design.

Moving on..
Here we have the first photo now being edited in my design creative programs to then be transferred onto the embroidery software.

No in the embroidery software and here I can change and edit the sitches and the direction of stitching, the type of stitching. lengths, needle points etc etc..

A leather trial with the flower print. Testing to make sure the stitches are adequate and not messy.

Another trial on a different basecloth

And the final product on leather.... (half made...)
So there you go.
When embroidering there is more to it then what you think. It does take a while. The software I use is very indepth and its like relearning the whole of Adobe creative suite all over again!!!!!
So NO my work is not just 'clipart' that I select off my machine and press go....I know MANY embroidery machines come with 'pre made clipart' (mine does too!) and you can also BUY 'pre made clipart' to use on your own work.... It comes on CD/DVD with a number of different designs others have made for you to use!!!!
TAA DDAA instant embroidery...
BUT if your like me and you want to design it all yourself there is more to it then that.

So now you know where this 'pre made clip art' comes from

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