Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ideas Ideas Ideas

So I have passed my business course! YAY! Which means my preparations are now going to go into overdrive and a new fabric design is currently under way.

Its a design of a box thorn from Inverleigh, Victoria, a place where Mark spent many of his childhood years.

Ideas for my website are underway. Mark and I are designing it ourselves and I will be keeping it very minimal and clean looking. I have been taking lots of photos of little bits and pieces that I want shown throughout my website. Dont want to say much more.... might spoil the surprise. ;)

I have recently been inspired by Susan Cianciolo, her ideas are awesome and I love the way she has laid out her website. Check it out on She is a fashion designer and loves promoting the idea of handmade.

This is a picture from her main page. I am in love with lines, scribble, rough edges, something that shows back to the basics and raw materials.


  1. Congrats on passing your course.
    Looking forward to seeing your new fabric design. Always interested in other designers creative process. Good luck with your web page.

  2. thanks for the comment EcoInspired.
    ill have some photos up by next week