Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dandelion prettys

Ok, so here is an idea I have of my next design. Its of a Dandelion! hehe..

What do people think? Would love to hear some feedback!

Im thinking of doing a cushion kit or even just selling some cushions with the large print on it. And maybe some craft panels..

Doesnt it look great in white!!!!? Well, i think so anyway

Just bought myself a new laptop as mine died, so Im having fun playing with all my new software programs!! YAY!

oh, and heres a picture of it as a wall canvas!!! oh so many possibilities. mmmmmm....looks so good


  1. Hi Kylie, your designs look great, especially this one. butterfly or bug designs, like from twistedwillow, would be cool as big print aswell.

  2. Thanks Mark!! your awesome :) i was thinking of you today!! Bugs will come...and they will be so rad.
    I have done a dragonfly, might put that up later in the week!
    Talk soon

  3. I love dandelions, looks fab on the wall with the chair - simple and beautiful

  4. I like this one Kylie.
    It would be good to see some related prints as well so people can mix and match.

  5. You clever thing! What a pretty print. Enjoy your new laptop.

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