Friday, July 9, 2010

Little House of Limes

mmm..... Just had to post a blog on Cassies cute paper creations. How I love them!
All handmade and designed by her.
Just got mine delivered the other day and I cant stop touching them and admiring all the packaging. So much effort put in! I opened up my little parcel, then inside that was another parcle all neatly wrapped with a fabric print and trim. Then you open that up and theres more tissue paper wrapping and the most ADORABLE CARDS!! And they even come with recipes and T2 tea bags....awe

I so have a massive thing for thread on paper and fabric textures. Drool....
Im so buying more
Check out her website at

She is based in NSW

Thanks Cassie xx


  1. lovely cards i looked at the site very nice... :)

  2. your such a sweetie! so glad you love them. your welcme back anytime :) x