Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cat and Mouse Coin Purse Revisited

Here are just a couple of pictures of what the cat and mouse coin purse looks like. I have been a bit slow putting these images up. Sorry!
They have been a hit!
Available Red or Blue and you can pick which Cat image you would like on the front.
3 to choose from!
$25 RRP includes postage.
Email me to order or check out my Etsy shop through (they should be up on there very soon too). My computer lives with me next to my sewing machine so dont be shy, I like emails!


  1. They are SO cute, I'm sorely tempted. Are they lined? It might be time to ditch my handbag and get a new purse/tote combo!

  2. hi there, yes they are lined with 100% organic white cotton!!
    They are really nice and very usual for all your change.
    Thanks for the comment